Our Core Values

Quality. Integrity. Customer service. These principles have been part of the Holzhauer tradition since its inception in 1965. We believe that the way we do business is just as important today as it was back then. Our good name and the continued success of our business depend on it.


Quality is a matter of great importance to our clients and a matter of pride for us. Cutting corners or compromising our workmanship is not the way we operate. We hold ourselves -- and the people who work with us -- to the highest standards.


Our proposals are honest and fair. We do not submit low bids just to win a project. We prepare clear and straightforward proposals. There is no fudging what is or is not included. And we keep our word. To do anything less is dishonorable and a disservice to our clients.

Customer Service

Our company was built on relationships. We believe in maintaining good working relationships -- not just for the duration of a project, but for the long-term. Each job - no matter how big or how small - receives our personal attention. That means we are always available to our clients. If there's a problem, we own it and we fix it. It's just that simple.