Holzhauer Tile Founders

Holzhauer Tile Co., Inc. is a fourth-generation, family-run company with a proud tradition of high quality, integrity, and customer service. These values have been passed down from fathers to sons, generation after generation.

Holzhauer Tile Founders

Holzhauer Tile started out as a partnership between two close friends and became a separate company in 1965.  The story’s humble beginnings date back to 1924, when Martin Holzhauer emigrated from Germany. He was accompanied by his friend Bernard Doettger, whose family sponsored their immigration to the U.S. 

Martin and Bernard settled in the Philadelphia area to start their new lives – and their new careers in the tile industry. In 1944, Martin and Bernhard formed Holzhauer & Doettger Ceramic Tile, a company specializing in residential ceramic tile installation. Eventually, their sons joined the company as well.

In 1948, Martin’s son, George Martin Holzhauer, came to work for the company. Bernard’s son Bernie followed several years later. Together, the families built a successful small business. But the 1960’s marked a turning point for the company. Although business was good, the future was uncertain and there were some discrepancies in their vision. The Doettgers were content focusing exclusively on the residential business. The Holzhauers viewed the commercial segment of the business as an untapped opportunity to expand.

Recognizing their differences, Martin and Bernhard agreed to amicably dissolve their partnership in 1965. Later that year, George formed Holzhauer Tile Co. and took over management of the business, while Martin began to wind down his day-to-day involvement.


From the beginning, George believed in the principle that a good reputation based on the notion that having high standards leads to financial success. High-quality, integrity and customer service became the cornerstone of the company. As Holzhauer Tile’s good reputation grew, so did its bottom line.

In the mid-1970s, Martin retired, and George’s sons, George Malcolm Holzhauer (George Junior) and Robert Holzhauer, joined the company. The next 20 years were a period of growth and expansion as Holzhauer Tile established a presence in virtually every segment of the tile and stone installation market.  

When their father George Senior (as he came to be called by close associates) retired in 1997, George Junior and Robert took over the business. Under their management, Holzhauer Tile continued to flourish, and took on some of the company’s most prestigious projects, including the Comcast Headquarters, the University of Pennsylvania Law Library, the Vanguard Corporate Complex, and First Union Center.  

In 2004, the Holzhauer family suffered a great loss with the unexpected passing of Robert.  In the following years, as George Junior continued to manage the company, two of his sons stepped in to help fill the void. Eric, who had been living in North Carolina, joined the company in 2004 and George Martin moved back to Pennsylvania from Florida and began working for the company in 2009. 


Today, Holzhauer Tile continues to thrive. And the stage is set for a time when the fifth generation is ready to take the reins and continue to build on the craftsmanship, traditions and time-honored values established by George Holzhauer more than 55 years ago.