These core values have been the foundation of the Holzhauer tradition since its inception in 1965; we believe that they are just as important today as they were back then. No matter where our business opportunities take us, we never lose sight of these ideals. Our core values remain an integral part of our culture and are reflected in the way we do business. Our good name, our customers, and the continued success of our business depend on it.  


Quality is a matter of great importance to our customers, and a matter of pride for us. Where others may cut corners or compromise workmanship to meet project deadlines, we hold ourselves and the people who work with us to the very highest of standards. 

The quality of our work is a mark of our adherence to time-honored tradition while keeping with changing requirements in the broader marketplace.


Our approach is honest and fair. Where others may lack transparency, or submit low bids just to win a project, we prepare practical, straightforward proposals, clearly defining what is or is not included. We hold our team of professionals to the highest standards of design and installation efficiency.

And, most importantly in an unpredictable industry, we keep our word, holding our partners and customers to the highest professional esteem. If there’s a problem, we own it and we fix it. It’s just that simple. 


Our company was built on relationships.  We continue to maintain good working partnerships in all our business dealings. We treat each partner as if they are our only partner, and we never stop looking for opportunities where we can add value at any phase. Each job – no matter how big or small – receives our focused attention.

Demonstrating true ownership of work, we are always available to our clients and respond with a sense of urgency when they need us. Where others remain visible only for the duration of a project, we build relationships our clients can count on for the long-term.